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Web Development

Sunraise Soft, started as a small web site and Software and Web Development company in 2008, has now become one of the most promising system integrator and IT solution provider to a host of Global Clientele.

Our services range from developing high quality software solutions, web development, Website maintenance, application and database Software and Web Development, consultancy and technical support for Database but important services like Customer Care Services.

Our service engineers, technical experts, web developers and graphic designers often work 24 x 7 to serve customers, helping them meet their deadline, wither by finishing their web development work within no time or troubleshooting a complicated software problem by working all throughout the night. Be it simply designing a website or development of a huge ERP or accounting package, or developing web portal with a content management system, we can help you in all.

Sunraise Soft work as an extended team for our clients by providing software feasibility and market study, development, testing, maintenance services for suitable software projects.

Our offshore development center, Sunraise Soft, is beside of Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta), India. This Development Center has a highly talented group of IT professionals with diverse knowledge and skill sets.

We provide software services to clients through a suitable combination of onsite, offsite, offshore models to deliver the most effective solution. Our service clients number of small and medium-size businesses.

We are expanding our product and service offerings to bring more choices to the customer. The expertise in software technology services has been utilized to create a set of innovative products and services for the desktop, server and the web. These products and services can be used directly, or customized according to specific client needs within a short time.

Our primary goal is to enable our clients to utilize the state-of-the-art IT technologies to improve their business operations. We focus on making technology-based solutions effective and accessible to our clients, helping them focus on their core competency while we take care of their computing needs. With an optimum mix of skill and experience in IT, engineering, management, consultancy and training to deliver effective business solutions, we are the perfect IT partner for small and medium size companies from different business domains, as well as the right provider of products and services to specific areas of operation for large enterprises.

We deliver the solutions, which meet all the requirements of our customers and provide their business with additional power and competitiveness. Each project is unique for us, nevertheless, to make the development process more cost-effective and fast, we use a set of ready-made applications designed by our team. In this section you will find the descriptions of our solutions.

We are a web development company specializing in various web technologies like PHP, ASP.NET and backend databases such as MySQL and SQL Server. 99% of our clients are based from US, Europe, Australia, and Middle-east. We generally follow the Agile method for project management. The entire project is first split up into several small milestones with deliverables and time frame defined. Our team works on each milestone and progress report is sent on a daily/weekly basis. Modules once completed are uploaded to our test server for client feedback. The project manager assigned communicates with the client and sends status reports.

Build/ Develop custom websites and web applications
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Supply Chain management solutions
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Web enabling legacy systems
  • Employee relationship management solutions
  • Build Web Service Applications
  • Develop personalization modules in web applications
  • Create and build communities on the web
  • Redesign and evaluation services
  • Content development services

Manage websites and web applications
  • Internet Marketing (Content and Promotions)
  • Maintenance Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing Services
  • Custom Software and Web Development Services

We help our customers make the move from brochure ware like online catalogs and directory listings to customer interactive businesses where customers are empowered to come in, ask and demand value for their money. We are also a transaction enabler who expands transaction-oriented processes like selling products to procuring supplies and enabling internal processes like HR activities, sales and management on the web. We help create communities of interest and link partners in a value chain.

We help clients move their services and products up the value chain and create a unique experience for their customers. Our services help consolidate customers, distributors and partners using Web-enabled processes and thereby transform key processes within an organization